This week I conducted primary research by visiting the animal conservation park Wildwood, while I was there I took photographs and video footage of a variety of animals. I focused mainly on quadrupedal animals, such as Wolves and Lynxes. When recording video footage I aimed to record from a side-on view which would allow me to easily observe their mannerisms when walking. The main aim of gathering these photos and videos was to have material to reference, in particular I can use the videos as reference for animation. Below are some of the photographs I took during the day at Wildwood.

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While at Wildwood I focused on taking photos of quadrupeds, I was interested in comparing the body structure and movements of similar creatures, such as Wolves and Arctic Foxes. I also captured video footage, when recording I tried to view the animals from a side-on perspective, I did this so I could easily analyse their movement patterns when walking. These video recordings can be seen below.

The video above mostly consists of side-on videos of animals walking, the aim of taking side-on footage was that the walk patterns of the animals become much more clear. This will benefit me greatly when I try to animate animal motion because I will have a better understanding of how their limbs move. From the footage taken it is easy to see movement patterns of different animals as well as how the joints of the limbs move and how this differs between species, during my final piece of work it will be important for me to understand what is unique about the way my animal of choice walks.

Overall this has proven to be a great way of gathering resources, the wide variety of creatures at Wildwood allowed me to gather footage and compare the movements of different animals. The photos and videos will aid me in future practical tasks as I will have reference material for animation work, by observing the animals and then animating its movements I will hopefully solidify my understanding of their movement patterns.