This week I followed my action plan by developing the 3D Model for my final major project. The model was developed in 3DS Max and was based off of my character research and concept art. I developed the model as 5 separate pieces and then combined them, the pieces were the arm, leg, head, torso and the back limb. I based the proportions of each aspect off of the prototype model I previously created. Below are some screenshots of the final model before textures were added.

FMP Base Model Screenshot.png

FMP Wireframe Model Screenshot.png

To start with I created the arm model, I left open gaps in the ends of the elbow and hand to allow for the forearm and claws respectively. For the legs I did the same at the lowest part of the upper leg to connect to the lower leg, I left a gap in the top of the feet to connect to the lower leg. The torso was separated into two halves which allowed the upper torso to rotate without affecting the legs or the hip area. For both of these parts I had to add cylinders which connected to the limbs, for these connectors I added indented cube shapes to the pelvis and extruding circular shapes for the upper body. I also added the rib-style shapes around the midpoint which connected to a spine-like extrusion on the back of the character. I added fins styled after shark fins to the shoulders of the model which help convey threat.The back limb was made of three segments which all connect similarly to the other limbs, but without any large shapes at the joints. The head was indented along the front and sides and had small mandible-like extrusions on the lower part of the sides, it is connected to the torso by a small cylinder which functions like a neck.


In general I had very few problems with modelling, the most problematic aspect of the model was the torso as I didn’t want it to look too square and blocky. I solved this problem by creating a heavily modified cylinder which expands near the top and has a curved waist area. I used tools such as soft-selection to ensure that the curves were smooth and not jagged. I kept the tri count quite low, this is mostly due to the angular shape of the model as it was designed to have a threatening appearence.


Overall I am happy with this week’s work, I had a few minor problems and spent longer than I thought I would, but due to my time management I still had a good amount of time to reflect on my work. The model met all my expectations such as not exceeding the tri count and resembling my concept art and prototype. I do feel that I could have used my tri count budget more efficiently though.



This is what I wrote in my action plan for this week:

“Create the final model based off of the prototypes.”

I believe I stuck to my action plan well as my final model strongly resembles both the concept art and the prototype 3D model. I managed my time well and was able to reflect on my work and add any necessary improvement and I was able to begin looking at texturing in preparation for the following week.