Organisational structures, roles and processes

Game Development Ecology Infographic 2.png


The reason this infographic is relevant to me is because it shows where I am in the games industry and what I need to be aware of, such as what team role I would occupy and what sector I would rather be in. It is relevant to my project too, I need to consider what platform I would be developing for as an example. If I had to choose I would aim to develop my work for a system such as the PS4 because it has only one set of technical specifications as opposed to something like the PC where everyone has different levels of hardware and not everyone would have the technical specifications to play certain games.




Trends within the games industry

Trends Timeline Infographic

For this task I analysed and discussed trends in the games industry, this allows me to better understand the kind of things which impact the industry. I also looked at upcoming trends, these are important to be aware of as I may be producing games based on these trends in the future. Maintaining an awareness of industry trends will benefit me greatly as these trends affect what people buy and for this reason I need to know what is popular to succeed in the industry.




Who am I?


For this task we created a mind map about different aspects of ourselves such as hobbies, nationality as well as our likes and dislikes. We did this task to gain insight into why we are interested in what we are doing and what aspects of it we are most suited to. It also allows us to consider what types of games we would be most suited to making, for instance if you grew up immersed in a certain genre and are very knowledgeable about it you may be more suited to a job creating that type of game. Through introspection we may also come to the conclusion that we might like to work in different industries, such as a 3D animator working on Film or TV rather than Games.


The aim of these tasks was to familiarise myself further with the games industry and what my place is within it. I did this by researching the industry as a whole, discussing each individual aspect and describing which aspects would be most relevant to me. I also examined past, present and potential future trends and discussed how these trends affect me and why it’s important for me to understand the importance of these trends. Finally I wrote about myself and considered why I’m interested in this pursuit, I also considered what industries I might work in if not the games industry.




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