Bunker Room Sound Workshop

Over these weeks I worked on developing ambient audio for my bunker room, I created buzzing light, distant gunfire and muffled footstep audio to add to the room. These were all created by downloading free sounds and using techniques I had been taught to edit them to give certain effects. For example the gunfire was edited to sound far away, muffled and sporadic. I used cross-fading to loop a short soundbite for the ambience of the light. For the footsteps I repeated a small variety of single step sound effects to make them sound natural, and at intervals they changed to a faster pace, stopped altogether for a while or were overlayed with another set of footsteps to give the impression of multiple other people in different rooms of the bunker.

I think I worked well with developing audio, I employed newly learned techniques and didn’t use any audio which hadn’t been heavily edited by myself. I believe my inexperience with working with audio is shown, especially with the light ambience where the cross-fade is slightly audible. Overall I was happy with the outcome of my work as I used my newly learned skills and didn’t rely on pre-made audio clips.


Bunker Room Concept Art


Greyscale empty concept piece:

Greyscale Concept art.png

The first piece was created using two¬†point perspective, in general I think the piece came out well, however due to the size of the paper and the vanishing points being so far to the¬†right and left some of the lines were difficult to keep aligned with these points. This was mostly a problem due to the size of my 30cm ruler compared to the paper, to solve this I will either use smaller paper when possible, leave a larger blank border around the drawing or try drawing techniques which allow me to overcome this problem. I did this task to help me visualise what I want my bunker to look like, this concept allows me to take a closer look at things like scale, spacing and design, for example I may decide I don’t like how the door looks so in the future I will consider different designs. Overall I was happy with this piece of work as it gives a good impression of what that aspect of the room was designed to look like.

Coloured high alert concept piece:

Alert Concept Art.png


The second piece was created using one point perspective, I had less problems with this piece compared to the last as it was done on smaller paper and only employed one vanishing point. If I were to improve it I would use stronger colours as the piece didn’t end up as vibrant as I feel it should have. This task helped me to visualise a different part of the room I will be creating, this piece however incorporates colour and action, this makes the room seem less static than in the other drawing. When comparing this piece to the last piece I like how this piece is less static, however I feel that I could have gone into more detail like I did for the first piece of art. Similarly to the last drawing this one helps me visualise the scale, spacing and design of the room and decide which parts do and don’t work, as well as why that is. I didn’t encounter any problems with this piece of work and I was happy with the outcome as all of the lines are accurate to the vanishing point.