3D Bunker Room Sounds

This week I worked on importing my ambient sounds and audio log into Unreal. After adding these sounds I added blueprints so that the audio log could be triggered interactively, I made it so that when the player character walked up to the open book they would hear the imagined voice of the writer, you are also able to read what is being heard in the open pages of the journal. I had considered requiring the interaction to be a button press, but I thought that it wouldn’t be obvious to the player so I elected to use a trigger box which detects the player’s location.

In terms of ambiance I added the distant gunfire sounds which are designed to sound as if they are coming from above the bunker on the surface.  I also added the audio of muffled footsteps, I ensured that the audio was on the same level as the player and that it was coming from behind the door, these were because there is only one level to the bunker and because it makes the most sense for the steps to sound like they’re coming from the room is behind the door. The other ambiance I added was the sound of the light, I tried to create new audio by altering and looping the sound of a guitar amp, though the loop was quite audible and the sound was a little overbearing.

I had no trouble working on this task, none of the audio had any glaring issues, though some of the sounds could have been improved slightly, like the buzzing sound of the light, in the future I will try to consider these shortcomings and improve my audio production and post-production skills. I was happy with the outcome and I believe I performed well as all of the audio I added had been heavily edited using techniques learned throughout the course.