Dev Diary


Marketing Your Game

Problem: With Punka Studios being an indie studio, which marketing solutions would be most suitable?

When researching marketing methods we had to consider things like cost and how many people the advertising would reach. After considering this we came to the conclusion that types of social media are very wide-reaching whilst being free to use. Examples of these would be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Twitch. Continuously outputting interesting development progress through these sites could garner and maintain an interest for out game without us having to pay for advertisements.

For all of these sites we would need some form of interesting art, such as a banner, channel art or a profile picture. My role in marketing was to create a Twitter banner for our game, to do this I had to adhere to the image dimensions of the banner. When creating the banner I decided that the theme would be limited colours, sticking to three main ones. I felt this gave the image more impact whilst allowing me create something interesting that didn’t rely as much on complex Photoshop techniques. Below is the end result of my work, I made several variations on the colours of the ground and background and decided on the combination you see below.

Twitter Banner Final

I didn’t really face any big problems with this task, any issues I had were solved without issue. I was happy with the outcome of my work and I believe the end result of my work is impactful and fits what a banner is meant to be well. If I could improve it I would probably add small details to the background to increase the contrast between their locations. My work was mainly inspired by the artwork below, I found the dark tone and the glow of their weapons to be very appealing.