Bunker Room Modelling and Advanced Texturing

Problem: How would you ensure your room is a proportionate scale to the rooms of your group members?

To ensure our group had similarly sized rooms we discussed dimensions before creating the walls of our rooms, we discussed width and length, however the main focus was on the heights of the rooms. We decided on a particular height and agreed to stay very close to that height so that our rooms would not appear drastically different. We also discussed materials for our walls, floor and ceiling so that our rooms would maintain a coherent theme.

After this we each developed our rooms, the modelling was simple as we create a box of pre-planned dimensions. The texturing was the primary focus of this task, I unwrapped my room and created a diffuse, specular and normal map for the room. The diffuse map was the base material of the room, simply a free texture from The specular map makes certain highlighted areas appear shinier than others. The normal map adds depth to the textures, making certain parts appear higher or lower. After this I imported the room into Unreal, adding the specular and normal maps to the walls of my room.

I didn’t find this task particularly difficult, the model was simple and the diffuse map was composed of pre-made textures. The specular and normal maps were the focus of this task, however they were not much trouble. I was happy with the outcome as the specular and normal maps made the textures seem less flat and plain. I encountered no problems with this task.

Bunker Room Modelling and Advanced Texturing

Problem: How would you manage all of the assets you need to create?

In order to manage all of the assets I needed to create I made a design document so that I could organise what models and sounds had been developed and which still needed to be created. I also noted which assets were interactive as this would affect development.

This task was relatively simple, I think I performed fine as I ended up with an asset list to refer to. The only minor problem I had was later coming back to the list and adding more to the list, if I had spent longer when creating the asset list the first time I might not have had to continually change the list, allowing me to maintain a better focus on what was left to do.

Design Document Screenshot.png