Speed Modeling Task

Problem: What are the potential problems with completing a project? How can you ensure it gets complete?

This week we were tasked with a challenge; create an asset for our room in the bunker from scratch within 1 hour and 30 minutes. The purpose of this task was to get us accustomed to how work in the industry will be, as well as letting us be independent and proving our skills rather than having us follow a tutorial. The task involved finding references, modelling the asset, unwrapping the object, finding textures and creating the UVW map. Overall I am pleased with the end result of my work, the model looks as I intended without any glaring faults whilst keeping the tri count very low (384).

The main trouble I had with the model was unwrapping, I spent too long working on that aspect and left myself a relatively short amount of time to create the UVW map, this led to me using the same wood texture across the entire cabinet whereas I would have preferred to have used variants to improve the appearance, in the future I will learn from this mistake and improve my Unwrapping. Outside of this problem I am happy with the end result, I would have no problem with this model being in my final piece.

If I were to revisit this piece I would work on the textures, I could improve them in multiple ways. One of these ways is by adding more variance in textures, as I explained above I ran too low on time to be searching for more textures, to solve this in the future I would need to plan my time more efficiently and allocate more time to texturing. I could also improve the quality of the textures by adding minor details such as wear and tear along the edges.

Cabinet Angles.png


Ambience and Atmosphere

Problem: When creating game environments what problems could you face in terms of creating ambience and atmosphere and how would you solve them.

For this task we were given a type of ambience to make and an atmosphere to convey. My combination was the ambience of a forest with a natural atmosphere. The task involved deciding what types of sounds conveyed both the themes, finding these sounds and then editing them together in Audacity to create a minute long piece of ambience. For my piece I used a combination of quiet, calm music, soft wind blowing through trees and the sound of two types of birds, edited to repeat throughout the minute of ambience without sounding obviously looped.

The purpose of this was to learn about atmospheres and ambiences and how different sounds and areas have different connotations, such as a cave being innately unsettling, even when the audio was not created to reflect that feeling. Although I was happy with the end result of my work it wasn’t always perfectly clear what theme it was, the end result of my work was intended to be a natural forest, but could be mistaken for a magical forest which was another combination of options, this was because of the quiet music in the background, to improve this I could remove the music so that the focus is only on the natural sounds. I was happy with the outcome of my work, the audios were balanced correctly compared to each other, meaning everything was audible and nothing was far louder than the rest. I also practiced taking tiny pieces of larger sounds to create different effects.