Dev Diary

Bunker Room Diorama Model

Problem: How could you get a feel for the space within your bunker room? Without making use of only the floor plans you created last week.

Shoebox Diorama Development:

Finished Shoebox Diorama:

I found working with thick cardboard to be relatively difficult and I couldn’t portray intricacies of and of the items in the room, however it helped give me perspective for the room similarly to the floor plan task. I was happy with the outcome as it allowed me to develop my ideas and see which aspects of my room were fine as they were and which could do with changing. One problem I encountered was that I found cutting through the cardboard to be time-consuming, so I took the work home to complete it as I could give it more attention outside of college.

Story Development 

Problem: What types of story could you use in your bunker?

Player story:

For our game the player character is a customisable character, so much of their backstory is not set in stone and both their gender and appearance are decided by the player. The things that are already decided about the character are that they are a soldier occupying the bunker that we are designing, they have now taken a central role and are rising through the ranks as Wellington, the previous leader of the bunker, has passed. The player will make important decisions that affect the route of the story and how the bunker changes throughout the game. My room, the Mess hall, does not relate largely to the character as it is the kind of room which created immersion, making the bunker seem more like a place which is being lived in. The room will have gameplay benefits as it can be developed throughout the game to give the player a variety of positive effects such as stat boosts.

This task was not problematic, however my room doesn’t have much of a relation to the player character in specific and plays more of a background role. Other than that the task was not difficult.


A synopsis is a summary of the plot of a story, these stories may be in a book, film or game. The purpose of a synopsis is to give the reader a good idea of what to expect from the story while remaining brief. The synopsis of a story typically covers the setting, the characters and an overview of the plot, including the atmosphere. This is our group’s final synopsis for our project “Age of Napoleon”:

“The year is 1875, Europe is on the brink of defeat at the hands of Napoleon’s armies. Bolstered by Napoleon’s discovery of the Tesseract, a legendary artifact of unlimited power, these armies are unopposed as they attempt to conquer Europe. Until now. You are an elite soldier playing a crucial role in preventing one man from ruling the world. Working from a run-down bunker you must use guerrilla tactics to salvage the opposition’s advanced technology and use it against them to end the ‘Age of Napoleon'”

To reach this conclusion we each created a synopsis and discussed as a group which we preferred. After this stage we worked on editing the synopsis so that we were all happy with the end result, this included finding synonyms for words we weren’t perfectly happy with and cutting unnecessary words or sentences out.