Dev Diary


Bunker Floor Plans

Problem: Why is a floor plan important and what problems could you face when creating an interior environment without one?

The reference images below are useful as they help to develop a cohesive theme for my room, without any kind of reference point my assets may end up being quite different from each other. I did not have any problems with this task as I already had ideas for what the room should look like before I begun the task, it was only a matter of finding images which suitably represented what I had imagined.

Reference Images

Floor material reference:


Wall material reference:


Ceiling material reference:




Below are reference images for each wall in my bunker, each shows the objects which will be against that wall. In the North wall image the wood represents worktops, the dark metal represents the stove and the light metal represent a water pipe. In the East image a worktop with books atop can be seen on the left, on the right is a cabinet. In the South image there is only a door. The West wall image shows shelves, a door and a worktop.


North wall:


East wall:


South wall:


West wall:


These images are useful as I they can be referenced throughout production, they also give me a good reference for the spacing and scale of objects in the room. By using the wall images and the reference images I can get a good perspective of what I want my room to look like when I’m done.




Story Development

Problem: What types of story could you use in your bunker?

Environment story:

In our story England is currently being invaded, with the bunker’s surrounding location being conquered, the bunker itself, however, is unknown to Napoleon’s forces. The nearby area is occupied by French troops and occasionally gunfire and explosions can be heard as it is close to the forefront of the war. The bunker’s inhabitants have been employing guerilla tactics to gain an edge over the French forces, most of the bunker’s occupants are therefore soldiers in some form or supporting staff such as doctors or cooks.

This task was not very problematic as only the finer details of the war had to be decided, it was already a central part of the plot that England was currently under attack by Napoleon’s forces.


Characters are the people in a story, though not necessarily human they will always have personality traits, faults and beliefs. Many stories incorporate a protagonist and an antagonist, the first being the main character who you follow and who’s goals typically align with the plot and the other is a character who hinders the protagonist, they may have a conflicting set of beliefs or a reason to cause problems for the main character. This conflict often leads to major events in the plot or even the story changing course entirely. Characters have many purposes, some are designed to be relatable to make the audience feel more immersed, though some are there purely for the audience to dislike, to increase their investment in the plot. A large, diverse cast allows for many different types of people to relate to the characters. A flawed hero is a common concept, a character who is very capable and drives an interesting narrative, yet has flaws which make them more relatable and human, these flaws are important for the viewer’s investment in the story.

A character I found interesting is Rhys from “Tales from the Borderlands”, he exemplifies the idea of a flawed hero. Rhys often makes very human mistakes throughout the series, and is often out of his depth in the story. Regardless of these faults he remains a lovable character who’s goals often drive the plot. His beliefs are atypical and are usually brought into question as he meets people drastically different from himself, these ideologies change as the plot progresses, making him seem more human as he does not end the same as he started, being greatly affected by the events of the story.

The central characters to “Age of Napoleon” are Napoleon, Wellington and the player character. In our alternate history Napoleon should have died already due to his age, however he is being kept alive by a machine, this means that he is completely restricted by it and cannot go anywhere without it. Wellington founded the resistance that the player character is a part of, unfortunately he died years ago and it is up to the player to continue his legacy. The player character is one that we chose not to describe in great detail as they are the player’s connection to this world and must be relatable.