Dev Diary


The Age of Napoleon Features

Problem: If you were to begin marketing The Age of Napoleon, what would be the key selling points?

We discussed what features our game would have, we decided on a single player First Person Shooter with a heavy focus on base building. You would be able to choose a mission from a small selection of randomly generated missions which change every time you complete a mission. Depending on your choice of mission the difficulty may change, as well as rewards and what the mission actually consists of. As the game progresses you can use these rewards to upgrade your base in a variety of ways with diverse benefits. You can also recover special Tesseract equipment which provide you with powerful upgrades to your base and personal equipment. Finally you can customise your character and the base itself. In conclusion I believe we created a cohesive concept for a game with a variety of features.

For this task I personally had a lot of suggestions, though after stating some ideas I tried to step back and prompt others for their suggestions and although not many ideas were contributed those that were helped form the final list of features and I believe the group discussion regarding the features improved the list past what it would have been had they not put forth any suggestions.

Bunker Floor Plans

Problem: Why is a floor plan important and what problems could you face when creating an interior environment without one?

Here is the floor plan for the room I will be creating:

Floor Plan

I was happy with the outcome of this task as it served as a simple and clear reference which I could use when developing my room, it gave me a good approximation of the dimensions and locations of the assets I will be creating. I had no problems with this task as it was layering simple labelled textures to give a good impression of what the room will look like when completed. Without this I would lack a solid idea of what layout the room should be heading towards and could end up with a poorly laid out room or assets of inappropriate dimensions.


Story Development

Problem: What types of story could you use in your bunker?

Types of story:

There are a variety of types of story, such as lighthearted, comedic stories or sombre tragedies. Our story is primarily focused on the player’s actions throughout the game allowing them to grow in strength and resources to eventually overcome the antagonist; Napoleon. Napoleon is a hugely central part of the entire game world and story and stands as a target for the player to reach, the effect of overcoming Napoleon highlights the growth of the player and how they have become as influential as Napoleon himself.

This task did not prove too difficult as after gaining an understanding of the types of story it is simply a matter of deciding which we feel is most appropriate for what was already decided about the story. With Napoleon’s conquest being a central part of the story we decided that a story focused on growth of the player character until they were capable of overcoming Napoleon would be the most appropriate.


A story is a telling of a series of events, real or fictional. Stories can be conveyed through a variety of mediums, the most common forms are visual and audio based storytelling. Examples of visual story telling nowadays would be books or comics, which both use purely visual techniques to convey a story. Examples of audio based storytelling nowadays would be radio dramas, podcasts or simply conversations where people recount recent events of their lives. Usually though modern storytelling employs both audio and imagery, examples would be video such as TV and film, though some early films were purely visual. Storytelling has been a huge part of human history, simple cave paintings could tell stories such as recent hunts or the dangers of a particular creature.

An important aspect of any story is the setting, some are real world settings, some are purely fictional settings, but some attempt to convey a world which is close enough to ours that we could believe it to be true, such as a tale about the near future or an alternate history. These stories have to combine interesting changes to the world while still remaining plausible, if any environment in a story fails to make sense in the reality being described the entire story suffers. Drastic changes can be made to the world in a story as long as it is made to seem plausible, the Earth could have been destroyed in an instant, as long as this can be justified by the rest of the story.

For our project the setting is an alternate history where Napoleon has found an ancient artifact of huge power and is attempting to conquer the rest of the world. The bunker we are developing makes sense because the surrounding area has been attacked by Napoleon’s army, and the attack makes sense because France has gained a great advantage over the rest of the world in the form of this hugely powerful artifact. The bunker itself is run down and set beneath Canterbury Cathedral, the occupants are all military, previously lead by the late Wellington. Napoleon begins work on a Tesseract bomb with huge destructive capabilities. Napoleon advances technology of occupied regions. Napoleon is restricted to a machine keeping him alive. Human subjects are used in Tesseract experiments. Tesseract-powered super soldiers are created.