Dev Diary


Bunker Location

Problem: Where in Canterbury would be a good site for a bunker? What problems could you be faced with in that location?

As a group we discussed who would create which room and what the layout of our bunker would be, we had to take into consideration which rooms do and don’t make sense to be adjacent to each other. We also considered doors which cannot be opened, but have signs indicating what they are. The purpose of these is to allude to the idea that there is more to the bunker and it isn’t limited to the five rooms we will create. We each came up with location ideas for the bunker, mine was beneath St. Augustine’s Abbey, though as a group we decided on Canterbury Cathedral. From this location the rebellion would send out small groups of soldiers to make raids to get supplies and to attack with guerrilla warfare.


Mood boards

Problem: What would the bunker look like in 1875 during Napoleon’s rule?

These are moodboards for several aspects of the bunker I will be working on.

Environment and location:

Moodboard - Environment and Location

Although we decided as a group on Canterbury Cathedral my moodboard pertains to my idea of St Augustine’s Abbey, I chose this location as it had interesting terrain in the form of ruins and rubble and it could have been interesting if in our alternate history the abbey had fallen more into decay creating a unique ruin environment.

Set design and props:

Moodboard - Set design and Props

Displayed here are some of the props that I would like to incorporate, for the oven I would like to use a dark metal with the type of hinge shown above. For the shelves I would have to take inspiration from the 1800s to create era-appropriate food cans which will line the shelves.

Lighting and style:

Moodboard - Lighting and Style

My ideas for lighting were along the lines of gas lamps and oil lamps, creating a warm orange glow similar to a candle. As a group we decided to use Tesseract powered lighting, similar to electric lights, but designed to fit with the 1800s timeframe.

Inspirational reference:

Moodboard - Inspirational Reference

With the inspirational reference I was looking primarily at the light locations and glow as well as the floor and wall materials. For the walls I debated wallpaper but thought it to be too high-end compared to the feel we wanted our bunker to have. In the end I decided I wanted to walls and floor of my room to be hard surfaces like tile or plaster, with images like the middle-right and top-left as specific references.


These tasks were valuable to my project as they allowed me to further visualise how I want my bunker room to look. By taking a closer look at specific aspects of the room I am able to get a better idea of what the end result could look like, this task also allows me to consider aspects which I don’t think will work so that I can work around these. Overall I did not have much trouble with this task, I compared my moodboards with those of my group and we discussed things which did and didn’t work, we then decided on aspects which would affect us all such as location and lighting.