Compass Modelling

Problem: How would members of the rebellion navigated in 1875? Would the power of the tesseract have changed their access to technology?

To complete this task we created a mind map of navigational tools that would exist in the late 1800s, I focused on looking at compasses, maps, sextants and astrolabes. All of these serve different purposes but a compass or a map would be found most commonly. The Astrolabe would have relied on being able to see the sun and the sextant was designed for measuring the angle between two objects so I believed that neither of them would have been appropriate for the bunker setting. Based off of this research I created a 3D Model of a compass based off of the reference images I found. Below is the mind map of navigational tools from the late 1800s which I created in Photoshop. It is possible that some of these navigational tools would have been changed in out alternate history setting, but I considered a compass simple enough that the Tesseract would not have altered the design of the compass.

 Mind Map naigational tools.jpg

The main skill we focused on this week was 3D modelling, we undertook the task of creating a compass for our game. To do this we needed to make several individual models, first the base of the compass, which was formed using a sphere which I edited to resemble the shape of a compass, I also added a large indent in the centre for the pointer and textures. The pointer was made of two pieces, a simple plane which had it’s ends welded together to make a diamond shape and a small cylinder which connected the pointer to the base. Over the top of this I added half of a sphere which was designed to look like a glass cover for the insides, it was made to look like glass by altering it’s material settings, making it both reflective and transparent. Finally the top part of the model was made of two parts, the first was a cylinder that was beveled to create a rounded end and the other was a torus made to fit the other part. Whilst creating this model I paid attention to the tri count in an attempt to keep the count low, this is because a high tri count makes a scene more complex and would therefore increase the load times and decrease performance of any game I create.