Dev Diary


Games Studio Identity

Problem: What could the problems be when setting up a games studio? How would people identify you?

The second challenge we had to overcome was creating a company name, this was overcome through discussing possibilities for a short time, we finally agreed on “Rook E Games”. My idea for the company name went through several iterations and was made with the logo in mind. For example the name “Rook E Productions” was considered, however we decide the word productions was a bad fit for our logo. We also had to decide on if the name would include the word “Rookie”, “RookE” or “Rook E”, we decided on “Rook E” in the end as it is the most unique and works best for pronunciation.For the first week of this term we were each assigned a group, my group consists of myself, Michael, Ben, Daniel and Lorric. The first hurdle to overcome was working in a group with unfamiliar people, we had to effectively communicate as a group, we aim to overcome this by communicating often as we work. We were grouped together so that we could create a game company and work together on a project, the project is to create a bunker interior set in an alternate history world.

The final challenge we faced as a group was developing a logo, for this we each worked separately to develop logo ideas and then compared and decided which we liked the most. To complete this task we planned what to do and then discussed afterwards, the logos went through several forms, we discussed how they could be improved and how they worked well, after improvements were done we decided on a final design for our group. The image below is the end result of our work.

Logo 4.jpg

This is the logo I ended up creating, there were a total of 10 variants of this design, each made with different wording and visibility, we decided as a group that this was the best for both. I found working as part of a team relatively difficult for this task, my group were not very forthcoming with name ideas or logo designs, I ended up feeling that the end result was the same or close to the same as if I had worked alone. One benefit to the group was getting opinions on the designs I made, they helped me weigh up the pros and cons of each. I was happy with the outcome of this task as I feel the logo and name we decided on work well together. I found no real creative or technical problems as I came up with as many options as I could for both the name and the logo, meaning we could pick the best. In terms of organisation I had to organise things more than I would have liked, encouraging the rest of the group to each create a design and pushing for them to give ideas and suggestions. I’m trying to solve this by allowing others to talk before I do when in group discussions so that my suggestions don’t stop others from coming forward with theirs.


World Building and Storytelling

Problem: What type of sounds would have been audible in a bunker back in the 1970’s during Napoleons reign. Would the power of the tesseract have had any impact on the technology available?

As a group we discussed the assets of our individual rooms and what items would make sounds, after deciding which assets would produce audio we looked into what kind of sound would be made. To do this we had to research what objects would make sense to exist in our game, they would have to be appropriate to the 1870s, but we would also have to consider objects that would have been developed in our alternate history where Napoleon discovered an object of unlimited power. As a group we also considered the surfaces of our rooms and how these would effect the sounds, for example a hard-surfaced room adding a slight reverb to the audio.


This mind map was formed as a class as we explored all of the necessary considerations for creating audio that would exist in the alternate history world we were developing, it would require us to look at what would have been around at the time and what could have changed in our alternate world.

Due to the bunker being set during a war I would have to consider types of weaponry, I would have to consider what types of weapons would have been appropriate for the late 1800s, I determined that single-shot firearms would be the most appropriate for the time. For this project I must also consider how the sounds will work, I will want some of the audio to be interactive so I must consider blueprints in the Unreal Engine. Some of the sounds will be ambiance so I must consider how to create sounds which seamlessly loop, I must also make sure that these sounds fit the environment, for example if I were to add footsteps I must ensure that the audio doesn’t sound like it’s coming from the room you’re in. I must also consider the source audio, it must sound like it’s coming from an interior environment and mustn’t have inappropriate background sound such as wind blowing or birds chirping. I must also ensure that for all audio I use there are no sounds of things which wouldn’t exist in this time period, for example the sound of a plane flying over would be very unfitting for my ambiance.

Napoleon and Wellington Character Profiles

Problem: How could you create a game environment without the knowledge of the leading two characters?

For this task we have researched Napoleon and Wellington, the type of research was secondary as we used the internet to find information pertaining to both. The task was conducted to give us information to work with when we are creating the bunker interior for our “Age of Napoleon” game. My group consisted of myself, Ben, Michael, Dan and Lorric. The aim of this research was to create a reference list of important facts about the main characters that could impact the development of our bunker and to gain a general understanding of the characters involved in our game’s world.

To conclude, we have researched many aspects of both Napoleon and Wellington, this information will give us a better sense of the character that we are creating a game based about. The information will impact how we create the game world and what the player character may have to do. An example of how we could use this information is in the war room of our bunker, pieces of information relating to Napoleon and Wellington can be laid about in different forms like stray documents. I found this task okay, I had no real troubles with the research and I worked to make sure both ended up being formatted similarly which I feel adds to them. I was happy with the end result of both pieces of research, they are designed similarly and have important, relevant information.


Napoleon Bio.jpg



Wellington Bio.jpg


Duke of Wellington Biography