Working with others

When creating my Virtual Gallery I had to bear in mind time constraints and deadlines, to assist me with this I used a planning document called a design document. The design document helped me maintain an awareness of work I had done and work I had left to do for my virtual gallery. In the design document I wrote out every asset I needed for my virtual gallery and separated them by type such as textures or audio.

When working with others we delegated roles in certain tasks, ensuring we each did the aspects we were most comfortable doing. An example of this is during a group audio recording task where we were practicing Foley by recording paper sounds. For this task we had the roles of creating sounds and recording sounds, which included saying your own name for identification purposes. The group would have to take into consideration each others wishes and perform roles they would rather not if they believed everyone else would be more averse to it.

In certain tasks resources were limited and we would have to be considerate of how much time we each needed with the tools. An example of limited resources was the Westgate Gardens trip where we had one camera and one audio recorder, we had to be aware of time and considerate of each other when using these tools.