Analysing game soundtracks

Games in music often have a large impact on the player’s experience, a piece of fast paced music can help a player focus and player better, whereas a sombre piece of music can help a player empathise with the game’s story. I will be analysing the soundtrack of six games to see how well they suit their respective games.

First is Red Dead Redemption, this game focuses a lot on music reminiscent of the Wild West, though many of the tracks either feel sombre and lonely, making you feel like a lone wolf, or they are fast tracks designed to make you feel like an action hero.

Next is Skyrim, many of these tracks are grandiose, made to make you feel like a pivotal part of the future of the world, this contrasts to many or RDR’s themes as RDR focused on the character being very independent, whereas in Skyrim you get a sense of the world around you, many tracks being quite calm and fitting with the scenic areas on Skyrim.

This is Flower, much of the music is calm, serene and designed to be relaxing, this is because in the other games you have a lot of responsibility and many important life-or-death objectives, whereas Flower has very little in the way of objectives other than just progressing through the landscapes.

Fifa 15 has a soundtrack designed to be enjoyed by their mainstream audience, because of the diversity of their audience their soundtrack consists mostly of chart music. The tracks in the game are generally fast paced to fit well with the action of the game.

The music in Tetris is all chip tune because of the technical limitations that were present during it’s development. Due to the game requiring focus the music has a solid beat and the music loops smoothly whilst remaining simple enough not to take the attention of the player.

Bastion’s soundtrack is atmospheric, every piece feels like it was made in the game’s world, one piece even incorporates the sound of the enemies mining as part of the music. This adds greatly to the game’s immersion as all of the music feels very fitting to the respective scene.

In conclusion each game’s soundtrack takes into account a large variety of things, such as the audience, the style of the world, the emotion of the situation and how the player should feel, for instance focused or excited. The soundtrack of a game can have a huge impact on how a player experiences a game and must be made with the considerations above.