Virtual Gallery



The Louvre Guide for Nintendo 3DS, is a game which acts as a virtual tour for the Louvre art gallery. It acts as a guide which takes the user from exhibit to exhibit in a manner which can be used from home or can be used by a visitor. The game displays the artwork, if the art is 3D the game has a model of it that can be viewed from all angles. It also gives the user information about the artwork and the artist, as they virtually traverse the gallery.


There are pros and cons to both the virtual gallery and visiting the gallery yourself, the virtual gallery is far more convenient, you can experience the gallery without any travel and for those far from France or those without time to take a trip gain a lot from being able to experience the Louvre from home. Another benefit to the virtual tour is that it can give more context to the artwork as it talks about the artist and what the art is about, however it can be argued it takes away from the experience if you are using the virtual tour whilst at the Louvre as you will not be experiencing the area well if all of your focus is on the 3DS.


An argument for visiting the Louvre is the significance the area holds, it is considered far more of a memorable experience to visit the Louvre than it is to take a virtual tour on the 3DS. Another benefit to the real gallery is that you get to see the actual artwork rather than images and models, meaning you can inspect the art in more detail. This is also important due to the limited quality the 3DS can render images and models in, they make for a good substitute but  when compared to the actual artwork they are not as impressive.


Visiting the Louvre is a significant experience as it is a world landmark and contains a huge number of famous pieces of artwork, many of which are not included in the 3DS Virtual Tour. The experience of visiting the actual gallery is unparalleled,  especially when compared to the virtual tour. On the other hand due to it being a landmark it involves a lot of travel for many people, even those who live in neighbouring countries. The trip may be impossible experience for many due both to expenses and accessibility, for those without the money to spend on an expensive trip but who have access to a 3DS the virtual tour can be far more affordable and can be experienced at any time. For those who are unable to travel or have a disability making the trip difficult or even impossible the 3DS game may be the only way they experience it.

In conclusion I believe the 3DS virtual tour of the Louvre serves an important role and differentiates  itself from the experience of visiting the Louvre enough to hold significance, however the Louvre is more significant due to the fact the real artwork is there, there is more art there and that visiting the landmark is a very memorable experience. This task was relevant to me creating my own virtual gallery as it displays the benefits and flaws of experiencing something virtually compared to experiencing something in real life.



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