The player experience


Technology and Nature Juxtaposition.jpg

This is an image I created in Photoshop with a focus on juxtaposition, I chose to contrast alien nature against a futuristic interior. To do this I had to find a background that suited the purpose, I chose this metallic hallway with a door at the end, I then researched plants that looked alien enough to contrast with the room, when placing them I tried to ensure the plants had some depth to them, this was partially done by placing them on surfaces, for instance the vines at the door line up with the seal at the top and bottom of the door and are scaled to look as if one is on the ground and the other is on the door. I also cut off certain parts of the plants to make them appear to be coming from behind different parts of the room, for instance the green and blue plant on the left has been cut to look like it is behind the structure.


My inspiration for this was Killzone 3’s Kaznan Jungle area, I focused on the idea of alien nature powerful enough to be a threat to humans even with their technology. In Killzone this is shown through the spiked shape of the plants and the fact you’re on edge as you expect enemies, in my piece I focused on the idea of nature being strong enough to flourish in areas that no plants should be able to as the entire area is metal and seems fortified.


As for improvements to my image I believe if it were darker it would be more threatening, currently the area is well lit and the plants are bright colours. In Killzone most of the areas are dark stone with plants of orange, red or black and many areas are obscured from direct sunlight.