Road to my personal media career

Social media and crowdfunding have recently become a very important aspect of developing a game, here I will be discussing what social media and crowdfunding sites are, why they are important and how I could use them to market and promote an upcoming game title.

Social media is a platform which has been used for marketing, promotion and networking, social media is useful for these as it is commonly used, highly accessible and is designed to allow information to be seen by many people. Good examples of social media sites are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Twitch. Game developers can use these sites to put out content that would be appealing to their game’s target audience, this can be anything from trailers to update videos to announcements. Social media is vital to a game’s marketing as people may find out about a game, be interested, and then fail to find much information about it online and lose interest. Social media sites also often allow developers to interact with their audience and answer questions about their title, this creates a lot of interest as it is extremely informative.

Similar to social media are crowdfunding sites, though their aim is different they are a good way of garnering interest in a game as they often are designed to sell a game to an audience in a similar way too social media sites, including trailers and updates about the game’s progress. The way they differ is that their aim is to get people to fund their upcoming title that may only be a concept at that point, they do this through creating interest in their game and by offering tiered rewards for those that donate above a certain amount of money. Prime examples of crowdfunding sites are Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

If we were to promote our game we would primarily use social media, we could create official accounts for our game on various sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Reddit so that we would be able to post update videos for people who are interested. It would also be important for us to create an official website with features such as a news feed, forums and an FAQ. We would also create a Kickstarter page with tiered donation rewards, these rewards could include custom donator items such as weapons, which are good incentive for people to donate. There could also be a limited demo for the game that could be given to those who donate above a certain amount, though it could also be given to Youtubers and Twitch Streamers as them playing the game would create a lot of public knowledge of the game, in turn creating interest and ultimately getting people to buy and perhaps donate to the game.

In summary social media sites are an easy way to promote your game to a large number of people and to hold their interest with regular updates. Crowdfunding sites are more important to smaller studios with less funding, but they are still very important as they create a lot of interest in the game and the funding gained can be the only reason a game is able to be developed. For our game we would use as many types of social media as possible to promote our game and we would post a variety of regular content to maintain interest. We would also use a crowdfunding site as a means of convincing people to fund and buy the game through use of informative posts and tiered donation rewards.