The medium is the message

Anor Londo

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The architecture in this environment holds implications of an infallible utopia where nobility might reside. The area is smooth, clean and reaches quite high up compared to the surrounding area, which may suggest the area was for those who viewed themselves above others. The buildings are sharp and pointed which could suggest the area was intended to be intimidating to outsiders and protective to those who reside within.

Sens Fortress

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This image has an imposing, unwelcoming feel to it, the surfaces are rough and the gate is angular and sharp. The darker, less consistent colours imply the place is not designed with appearance in mind or it has been abandoned. The structure of the building leans towards you as it raises higher, this gives the building an imposing, intimidating appearance.


The table in this image is designed to appear perfect, the metal is highly reflective, the top surface is one bright colour without any flaws and the entire table is perfectly symmetrical and clean. The combination of these traits hold implications of an idyllic, Utopian city, where all of its citizens have a high quality of life.


In this image the power switch on the right displays wear and is designed to appear poorly maintained. These effects are shown through a darker palette and inconsistent, dirty, worn surfaces.

Walkie Talkie 1.png

Walkie Talkie 2.png

These are images of a Walkie Talkie I modeled and textured, the focus was on chamfering and beveling as a way to reproduced the walkie talkie in the images below. I found the most challenging part of creating it to be texturing specific polygons on the front of the model, though matching the model perfectly to the reference images proved difficult at times as well. I was happy with the end result of my work as I felt it was a convincing replica of the walkie-talkie, I believe this is because of the small details, such as the 3D buttons on the front, the subtle grooves and bevels around the model and the screws on the back. I also believe the texture on the front adds a lot to the quality of the model. If I were to work on improving this model I would probably add more texturing around the model and work on the parts that require more detail such as the grooves on the clip attached to the back.

walkie talkie.jpg