Boba Fett Helmet Stage 1

This is the first stage of a model made in 3DS Max that is based off of Boba Fett’s helmet. In this stage I focused on the base of the helmet and the visor. I also added a basic glossy material to each part, ensuring the visor was the most reflective. In the future I am going to finish modelling the different parts of the helmet until it looks more like the actual helmet and I will improve the texture for added realism too. On top of this when rendered the helmet had a few glitches that I will aim to fix before anything else. This model took over 3 hours to make, I had to work through a lot of odd glitches with vertices and edges, but I have resolved most of them. Below are videos and pictures of the helmet at its current stage, unfortunately the model was glitched when uploaded to Sketchfab so I have added these instead.

Fett Helm 1 Fett Helm 2 Fett Helm 3 Fett Helm 4