The sound of foliage

For this task my aim was to create sounds that I could use to dub a short clip of Limbo gameplay. The first stage of this process is identifying required sounds, for example recognising the sounds of footsteps or different types of impact in the scene. Once these sounds are identified the appropriate sounds can be recorded, I did this in two ways, once by making sounds with paper and once with household objects. Limbo Dub Audacity Screenshot

When I have these sounds I can put them in Audacity and edit them, mostly this would consist of cutting the soundclip to an appropriate length, removing irrelevant audio from before and after, but it also involved using the envelope tool to change the volume of certain parts of sounds. I could have also used post-processing to alter the sounds further, such as by equalising them.

Limbo Dub Premiere Screenshot

Once I have the edited sound clips I used Adobe Premiere to remove the audio from the original video and apply mine to the appropriate moments in the video, once I have synced all the sounds I can use the sound mixer to reduce any audio that is peaking and balance out the sounds if certain noises need to be more or less prevalent. After this I exported the final video, below are the two dubbed clips I made, one using the sounds of household objects and once with sounds made using paper.

This is the original clip that I was tasked with dubbing, I identified each sound in this clip so I could create new sounds to re-dub the clip with. When using Premiere to re-dub the clip I had to observe when each event occurs that creates the individual sounds so I could sync them up.

I found that the standard of quality in these sounds was higher than in the paper dub, but lower than in the original video, this was because they were made unprofessionally, but I had more variety available to me than in the paper dub task. The sounds I believe were the best are the footsteps, the log sliding and the log impact sounds. The ones I consider the worst were the boulder impact and the ambiance, this is because with the boulder impact it doesn’t sound like a boulder and the audio has a ringing sound in it, the ambiance isn’t as bad, but it is unconvincing compared to some of the other sounds.

Making sound effects with paper was much more limited than with household objects, this lead to some sounds being much less convincing, such as the log and boulder impact sounds, though I thought the footstep and debris sounds worked the best. Overall I learned that making clean, appropriate sounds effects is quite difficult and that the sound itself is as important as how it is recorded, edited and placed in the clip, for instance a good sound can be be poorly edited and out of sync and a bad sound can be well edited and placed into the scene well making it far more convincing than the former.