The 3D Diorama

For this task I had to create a model of a tree based off of a photo I took of a tree during the Westgate Gardens trip, this was done through modelling the tree trunk and branches and using alpha mapping to create the leaves for the tree. This is the tree I was basing my model off of:


Here are the screenshots of the model during its development, you can see that the leaves started as simple planes with two bend modifiers. I then used a diffuse map and an opacity map, the diffuse map added the image of leaves and the opacity map made the rest of the plane around the leaves transparent.

Textured Tree No Texture.png

Textured Tree Branch.png

And here is the final model:

Tree 1.pngTree 4.png


This task involved alpha mapping, similarly to the last tree, which allowed for branches that are transparent around the leaves. The leaves also incorporated a bend modifier so they curved towards the ground more realistically. Compared to the previous tree model I believe this one is far more realistic due to the quality of the texturing and how the leaves turned out when I alpha mapped them. The leaf texture on this tree is far more convincing than the one I made in Photoshop which improves the quality drastically, also the wood of the tree is textured convincingly. I also found the placement of the leaves to be better than in the last model. I feel this model is accurate to the style of the tree referenced, however it could be improved by adding more branches and generally being more similar to the tree in the image.