The player experience

Target audience

A target audience is something that is vital to the success of a game, it is the audience that the game is designed to be bought by. A game will have a target audience in mind during development and during advertisement, if a game is targeted towards a younger audience it must have advertisements appropriate to encourage them to buy the game. Advertisement is the best way to target a specific audience, a game must be advertised in a way that the target audience will be aware of it, for example using TV adverts or posting trailers online.

Some games have larger or smaller target audiences, they can be referred to as mainstream and niche. A mainstream audience would consist of a large group of people and would have to appeal to a variety of types of person, many people outside of this audience would also be aware of the game. A niche audience is more focused and less people outside of that group would be aware of it, as such it can afford to appeal more effectively to this audience as it doesn’t have such a variety in its audience.

The target audience for our game would be a younger audience, this is because the main character is a monkey and you would be fighting deforesters in a brightly coloured jungle. The game would also use less violent methods of combat similar to those that could be found in games that are also designed for children, the game would also refrain from using blood and gore as these are not appropriate for the audience. This kind of content would not be appropriate for the target audience as they would be young people and features such as blood and violence are more appropriate for a more mature audience.