Road to my Personal Career

In order to apply for a job I must have a CV and a cover letter, the cover letter is used to summarise the job you are applying for, why you would be a good choice and what skills you have. Along with the cover letter a CV will be sent, the CV contains all of the most important information, it will include a profile of yourself, a summary of your relevant work experience, qualifications you have, skills relevant to the position and references for the employer to contact. Below is an example of a job I could apply for and what a cover letter and CV for it would look like. (I have chosen to omit more personal information such as education and places of work experience, this information can be added upon request if necessary.)

Junior 3D Generalist Artist Job


Cover letter

Dear (Employer),

I am writing to you regarding your Junior 3D Generalist Artist position, I believe I am a good fit for the job as I have qualifications relevant to 3D modelling in games development.

I have years of experience with multiple types of 3D modelling software, experience working in a deadline oriented job and many qualifications relevant to the working in games development.

Attached you will find my CV for review. Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope to hear from you soon.


Richard Thomas



I am a dedicated worker with an interest in creating work to a high level of quality, I am also able to work quickly and efficiently without sacrificing the professional standard of the work I create. Outside of work specific qualities I am respectful, friendly and polite.

Work and experience

Until recently I have worked a volunteer position at [place of work], I worked the position for approximately 6 months and during this time I developed many skills, such as the ability to work to a professional standard, to work quickly while not sacrificing this high standard and to communicate with other positions to create work to their specifications.


[List of qualifications]


I have a variety of skills with many types of software, I have spent years learning to use the 3D modelling programs Blender and 3DS Max, both professionally and as a hobby. I also have experience with supporting programs such as Photoshop and Office applications.