Organic 3D Modelling (Foliage)

The final version of my 3D Model of a tree using no reference, the leaves were made by Alpha Mapping.

First Tree Screenshot.png

These are the images I made in Photoshop that were applied to a plane in 3DS Max, using alpha mapping I made anything that wasn’t the branch transparent and copied the plane and placed it in several locations around the tree’s branches. To create a texture which is transparent aside from the leaves I had to create a diffuse map (the one with the green background) and an opacity map (the one with the black background). After creating these textures I can then assign them to the diffuse and opacity parts of a material respectively.

Branch Diffuse Map.jpg

Branch Opacity Map.jpg

Below are the individual models that were used to create the tree. For this task they were left with a simple brown material as for this task I had to not use any textures or reference images of real trees.

Tree Model Parts