Does music have an impact on the creative production of art?

For this task I will be drawing whilst listening to the soundtracks of six games to see how the varying styles of music impact my art. I will be attempting to represent the sounds I hear visually to the best of my ability and then interpreting what I have drawn afterwards. Through doing this I hope to gain insight into how different types of music impact the listener and what important aspects of the music are such as tempo and genre, as well as how these relate to games.

Art inspired by Red Dead Redemption


The part of Red Dead Redemption’s soundtrack that I listened to was a fast paced track, designed for an action packed scene, the song had a strong sense of tempo, which I believe was demonstrated by the repeating patterns. There was a lot of percussion to keep this tempo which is shown through how the markings are quite harsh. There were occasionally sweeping bits of music that came through, shown by the softer lines above.

Art inspired by Skyrim:


Much of Skyrim’s soundtrack is sweeping and flowing, very little of the music was sudden or harsh, and it often repeated itself. I believe this came through by the two main types of pattern, the repeating sounds can be seen through the lower portion and the upper part is related to the overarching grandiose parts of the music.

Art inspired by Flower:


Flower’s music was very continuous, in that is would often be a single instrument constantly flowing through one sound, slowly altering as time went on, seen by the continuous line. The music would occasionally add smaller background sounds, but they never took centre-stage compared to the flowing piece of music.

Art inspired by Fifa 15


This piece was challenging as many of the tracks were vastly different, however they were all designed to be fitting to a fast paced game and as such had a strong sense of tempo, many of the tracks also had music that faded in or out as the song continued to be replaced by another part of the song.

Art inspired by Tetris


The music of Tetris is consistent, predictable and tempo focused, it feels like there is a repeating pattern without getting too repetitive. Each part of the music feels like it’s ticking like a clock, every part is a single sudden noise rather than a flowing changing one, I feel this comes across in the fact that every line in the drawing is straight and short, while varying, similar to the layers of the songs.

Art inspired by Bastion


The music of Bastion always has a strong beat behind it, yet it always feels like there is other percussion playing around the beat, this was portrayed through the lower part of the drawing where the bold circles represent the powerful tempo behind each song. The songs in Bastion typically feel multi-layered as if there are several instruments playing separate songs simultaneously, I feel this can be paralleled with the paired markings across this drawing, each a different shape but similar enough to correlate.

I believe that music can have a great impact on art, even for pieces that aren’t intended to represent the music as I have done. Music can have a large impact on emotions which in turn has a great impact both on artwork and how a player would behave in a game. This is important for me to be aware of as music can have a drastic impact on the tone of a game and how players act within them.