Basic Box Modelling and Texturing

For this task I had to create a simple box model which would be textured to look like something, such as a crate or a book. To do this I would use simple modelling to create the box, and then use texture modifiers in 3DS Max to apply each side’s appropriate texture.

Book Angle 1

Below is the box which has been textured to look like a book, the first step of this process was creating a box shape that was similar in size to a book, then I found a set of Royalty Free textures for a book on

Book Angle 2

I edited the individual images in Photoshop and then using the UVW Unwrap modifier I applied the texture. The green lines in the below image indicate where the book textures need to be for each side of the model.

Book Texture

This image is an example of how basic box shapes that have been textured have been used in gaming, this method was relatively convincing for the amount of time that was spent to create the models. These simpler models also required much less storage than more complex models, meaning they were not uncommon in early 3D games where space was a very important consideration due to the limitations of technology at the time.