Reconstruction of a Landscape

Below is a grey boxing task I completed of a Chicago cityscape, greyboxing is an important technique as it allows someone to quickly give a good representation of how a scene will be laid out without spending too much time working on details, this allows for easy and quick changes if there are any problems with the scene too. The grey boxed environment can then later be used as a reference for creating the final scene.

Chicago Cityscape 3DS Max

For this 3D scene I used the below image as a reference to create a quick, rough representation using greyboxing. This is valuable because it is a good representation of the scene, yet it doesn’t take much time or effort allowing for multiple variants to be developed quickly.

Chicago cityscape

Greyboxing can be used to create a quickly alterable prototypes for 3D scenes, the technique is important as it allows for ideas for scenes to be created rapidly and after having viewed the scene the creator may decide it needs to be changed or doesn’t work at all and this is much better to decide when the scene is simple and easy to make rather than one which has taken a long time and a lot of effort to make.