Still Life Box Forms

Below are 3 drawings of a set of boxes, the drawings were focused around shape and tone, similarly to greyboxing in 3DS Max. The first was in pencil, the second was in charcoal and the third was in pencil, but it was a drawing of the outline of the boxes, no inner details. I did this task to get a greater idea of the form of 3D shapes, it is also developing my art skills as I may wish to draw out a concept before developing it in 3DS Max. The task gives me a good idea of how 3D shapes should appear as I had to focus on what the tone of each side of the box would be because of the direction of the light.


This first image incorporated pencil line drawing and shading, the lines were all drawn by hand without a ruler leading them to be slightly inaccurate. Some of the edges were also rough due to the way I created the lines, in the future I will focus on creating straighter, cleaner lines.


This image was completed using charcoal. The charcoal had a larger range of tone to shade the sides with making the sides more interesting than the last drawing, however the charcoal was also easier to smudge, meaning some sides have an inconsistent appearance and some edges of the drawing have charcoal smudging too far across them. In the future I will focus on controlling the charcoal better.


This drawing was similar to the first in that it used pencil, however due to not having the rest of the image to reference some lines became inaccurate. In the future I will focus on the subject of my drawing more in hopes that it will allow me to create a more accurate representation.


In conclusion I found this task useful as it gave important insight into how 3D shapes should appear and it developed my ability to draw 3D shapes. I found this task relatively difficult as I had a hard time maintaining proportions and correcting mistakes. I find that in 3DS Max if a proportion is incorrect I could edit it easily, however with drawing erasing mistakes can create more mistakes and lower the quality of the final result.