Road to my Personal Media Career


To be able to publish work that contains certain assets the copyright license must be owned, however certain sites allow the use of royalty free music, below are some examples of these sites.

Royalty Free Music:

Royalty Free Sounds:

Royalty Free Textures:

Copyright allows the creators of certain types of works such as music and imagery to control the ways their work is used. Copyright covers broadcast and public performance, copying, adapting, issuing, renting and lending copies to the public. These laws are intended to prevent people benefiting or profiting off of a creators work with no compensation. Copyright is relevant to how I may use these assets in games as the copyright holders could make a copyright claim against my work if I used copyrighted assets without the license. To be able to use assets I didn’t create in my games they must either be royalty free or I must obtain the right to use the copyrighted work. Also, if I ever create music or any other assets that can be reused copyrighting them would mean others would be unable to use them in ways that break copyright laws.