The Road to my Personal Media Career

Here I will talk about what companies expect in terms of qualification, skills and what kind of career path I might be able to take to get roles relevant to 3D Modelling.


Many of the job roles I found that involve working with 3D require years of experience in the field rather than specific qualifications, though some require a relevant degree in art or animation. Some specify that related qualifications are fine, such as the mentioned art/animation degree; however they often mention that more relevant education is desirable. Some also mention that a portfolio of work is a requirement to be considered.


The skills I would require to become a 3D Modeller in the games industry are very focused around programs such as 3DS Max, Maya, Unity and Unreal. Employers often want someone with experience working professionally with these programs, they may ask for several years of experience in the games industry, or for you to have been involved with a minimum amount of published titles.

Career Path:

The main focus I should take is to get experience in the games industry and to have been involved in published titles, the best ways to gain experience would be internships, roles in 3D Modelling that have lower requirements or different jobs such as QA Tester that would all gain me years of experience in the field and titles that I could say I worked on. This experience opens up jobs with higher requirements and would be a good career path to focus on.