The sounds I made were based about a spaceship firing a large laser cannon, the types of sound effects I made were charge, fire, hit and miss. The charge sound was simple enough, it had to raise in pitch exponentially to convey that something was about to happen. The firing sound had to start punchy and then drop off to imply the shot carried weight and I feel the sound conveys that well. The hit sound had to seem impactful and destructive, I conveyed this using a more compressed sound (using the sound variant “Pink”), the sound has to seem somewhat like an explosion and I think the result conveys that. The miss sound was the hardest to create and I still believe it could be improved, it was the most difficult to create as it focused about making it seem like something disappointing had happened. It was also harder to make as it was a design effect, meaning there is no real world equivalent so it had little basis other than being a tool to inform a player of a negative result. Overall I am happy with the outcome of my experiment with Bfxr.