Deconstruction of a Landscape

When developing an environment in 3D there are many different roles that are involved. For this task I have listed important roles and then assigned several of them to an image of Chicago.

Game designer

Deciding what environments to create and communicating their vision to all departments and managing all departments’ progress.


Researchers collect images of urban environments to be replicated or used as inspiration in the scene.

Concept artist

Drawing an urban environment using the research as inspiration.

3D environment artist

Designing 3D models of the urban environment using the concept art as a reference.

3D organics artist

Making 3D models that are more organic in nature such as plants which react to the environment in a natural way, for instance swaying in the breeze.

3D character artist

Creating people for the scene and if necessary rigging and animating the characters using the concept art as a reference.

Texture artist

Creating textures for the environment and characters using concept art as a reference.

Audio engineers

If the scene is animated audio can be implemented to add to the atmosphere of the scene.

Lighting Artist

Though more important as its own role in animated scenes lighting artists can help add to the realism of a scene by adding lighting.

AI Programmer

If the scene is dynamic AI programmers can be used to make the characters wander the scene, adding to the scene’s atmosphere.

Chicago 3D urban environment roles

These are a few examples of where some of the job roles would impact the final product, I chose not to add all job roles to the image given how interlinked each role is and how some roles are broader such as researcher or concept artist.