Comparisons of Game Studios

CD Projekt Red is a company which utilises urban environments in its recent title The Witcher 3, in this game urban environments are far apart and very different to each other, each capturing a different atmosphere. These range from small villages with thin dirt paths, to densely packed cities with tall buildings, to cities with buildings designed to look appealing and relatively few people in the streets. Another company which uses urban environments is Rockstar, most recently in GTAV, Los Santos with its varying styles, from high end expensive skyscrapers to lines of bungalows is an example of an urban environment that has many styles. GTAV also shows smaller, sparser towns on the outskirts of the map. Another example would be Volition, one of the developers for the Saints Row series, which is based in an urban environment.



CD Projekt Red has over 300 employees, whereas Rockstar has more than 900 employees across all of its studios, given the size of Rockstar it is capable of supporting research of urban environments in great detail, this research allows them to take photographs and record how different areas sound, this research is vital to creating a genuine urban environment. Volition has approximately 300 employees, which combined with the other studios supporting the development of the Saints Row series leaves them with more than CD Projekt Red, the size of their team allows for much more accurate and immersive urban environments.



Rockstar’s employees would likely have much more experience working on these types of environments as they have previously produced the other popular GTA titles as well as the famous Red Dead Redemption, these would give the employees a good sense of creating urban environments and filling them with NPCs that lend a sense of life to the environment. This experience means they have a good sense of how real cities in the world are and how the density of populace varies in different parts, such as the more expensive areas or the lower class areas. The other companies mentioned will have a degree of experience in their type of urban environment, however the size of Rockstar allows for a huge pool of experienced employees and the funding to allow for research trips.