Childhood programme secondary research

The programme I have chosen to research is Fairly OddParents, I am going to gather mostly quantitative information, but also some qualitative information about it through secondary research.


Fairly OddParents originally released on the 30th of March and is still being aired to this day, so far there are 9 seasons and 132 total episodes. Each episode has an approximate run time of 23 minutes. Intro-00096

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Fairly OddParents is animated by Butch Hartman, he is also the executive producer. Other shows Butch has animated are Danny Phantom and T.U.F.F. Puppy.


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Voice acting

The following is the main voice acting cast and their respective characters:

  • Tara Strong – Timmy Turner
  • Susanne Blakeslee – Wanda
  • Daran Norris – Cosmo
  • Carlos Alazraqui – Mr. Crocker
  • Grey DeLisle – Vicky

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Fairly OddParents is a highly successful cartoon series, but the reason why can be hard to determine without knowing how the audience feels. Looking over reviews here are some strengths of the series I found:

  • There is a large cast of strong characters, each with their own interests and goals.
  • The show is fast paced, so it is always grabbing our attention.
  • The theme is about unlimited power, but with strange limitations applied, leading to unique circumstances.
  • The two main guiding powers for Timmy are Wanda and Cosmo, two complete opposites, leading to interesting developments.

However some weaknesses may be:

  • The show has been on air so long some plots are recycled.
  • Newer additions to the main cast (Poof the baby and Sparky the dog) are not interesting characters and contribute little to the show.
  • The characters that exist have become more two dimensional and less likable.

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